The quote in the picture above rings true in so many ways and for some reason it has always struck a cord with me. I love supporting others so they can achieve their goals, especially those who worked hard and sacrificed to turn their dreams in to reality. I enjoy celebrating others’ success and tend to treat their journey as my own; sometimes by investing too much of myself, but that’s a whole new chapter (and a different category altogether).

Support your competitors, they are your colleagues

A close friend and business mentor of mine taught me something a while ago that stuck with me: she said that you must never see the businesses from your community as competition, you must see them as your colleagues. Her thinking was that most small businesses have limited capacity and business will inevitably spill over at some point, and who better to recommend than the person that helped you grow your own business? She taught me that positioning your brand that supports the local community will absolutely benefit you more than beating your competitor on paper.

Why do we support the small business community?

I then realised that this perspective is very prominent amongst the work-from-home community. We are all just trying to make a living while trying to be more present in our loved ones’ lives. Most of our marketing strategies hinge on support from and personal word of mouth referrals by other businesses. This is exactly how Mindful Admin started: Through a referral by the abovementioned mentor I was able to gain another client. Therefore, I do believe in the power of a community supporting each other.

Let’s support our fellow Villagers

Mindful Admin is going to feature one business per month on their blog and social media pages. Hopefully this can grow into a beautiful network of small businesses who support and grow each other’s businesses. We understand each other’s struggles so well that it just makes sense. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook, Whatsapp or email if you would like your business featured by Mindful Admin.

It takes a village to run a successful business – let’s support each other!