Mindful Admin aims to encourage the work from home parent to be present both at work or at home by being a mindful parent. For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for helping people grow and achieve their goals. Be it by helping a friend with grammar in high school, advising a colleague on her rights in the workplace or providing support to a new parent. My resourcefulness in tough situations meant I could motivate others to keep going even though success looked like it was fading away. I was blessed to be the stay at home parent while my babies were little, but when I wanted to join the working class again I came to the tough realisation that it was harder than it looked. There was very little support available for working parents and you were mostly seen as a burden with added distractions in the workplace. It also became apparent that the difficulty lies with being present and mindful of the time you spend either with your family or at work.




Mindful Admin started by wanting to support parents during their journey as working from home parentsThen I discovered a whole new community: work at home parents. These are the parents that traded traffic, ties and boardrooms in for flexible hours, home offices and more time with their families. Unfortunately working from home does not involve leisurely breakfasts at Mug & Bean and sitting around in your pajamas like most seem to think. It is very difficult to juggle working and being a mindful parent with the added stress of handling all the admin starting a new business requires.





While working at a local toddler programme, I discovered a need for freelance administrators that could mold to the needs of the work at home parent sector. They struggle to stick to office hours or deadlines or conventional payment structures that most virtual admin assistants require. Hence, Mindful Admin was born. The name refers to the ability to be present in the activity you are busy with; thus being a mindful parent. That is exactly the challenge a working parent faces: When they are at work, they feel guilty about their family; but when they spend time with their family, they can’t help but think about all the work that is waiting on their desk. You are never fully present in what you are doing. The time spent on admin also takes you away from the actual service or product your company provides.  




My mission is to support small business owners, so they can achieve their goal of becoming a mindful parent whilst bringing in enough money to keep the pot cooking. My vision is to link all these businesses from our community together, so we support each other in our various industries. I want to help the mom sending business emails from her phone at 03:17 in the morning while nursing a sick baby, I want to assist the dad who is up at the crack of dawn to get a few hours of work in before doing the school run, I want to support the single parent trying to grow a business from home so they can attend every parent-child activity offered by the school. I hope to inspire every small business owner and aspiring mindful parent to live to the max!